The Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet, Deputy Chief Secretaries and Senior Officials from the President’s Office

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched the Accelerator Lab initiative in February 2019 as the world’s largest learning network to catalyse innovative solutions to some of the complex development challenges of our time. By focusing on breakthrough ideas, rapid iteration and experimentation, UNDP is changing the way it approaches problem-solving globally. 

The Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s new way of working in development. Together with our core partners, the State of Qatar and the Federal Republic of Germany, 60 labs serving 78 countries will work together with national and global partners to find new approaches that fit the complexity of current development challenges.

Zimbabwe has not been left behind in this endeavour. As one of the 27 Accelerator Labs in Africa, the Zimbabwe Accelerator Lab will transform our collective approach by introducing new services, backed by evidence and practice, and by accelerating the testing and dissemination of solutions within the country. Through Sense-making, collective thinking, solutions mapping and experimentation the lab will be part of the new offer from UNDP to the Government and other stakeholders.

Speaking at the official presentation of the Accelerator Lab Service Lines, the Chief Secretary to the Office of President and Cabinet intimated that the UNDP Accelerator Lab Initiative comes at a very opportune moment for Zimbabwe. In his remarks, the Chief Secretary stated that – the Lab presents Zimbabwe with a unique opportunity to further enhance Government’s capacities to anticipate citizen’s needs and in a timely manner respond to the fast-evolving development challenges in the country.  In doing this, Zimbabwe continues to position itself in the global family of nations, accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and national aspirations such as those contained in our Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) and Vision 2030.

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