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UNDP and Royal Norwegian Government working together to enhance peacebuilding in Zimbabwe

UNDP and the Royal Norwegian Government have signed a two-year project ’ focused on building capacities of the NPRC to conduct dialogues for conflict prevention, management and transformation.  

Reimagining a post COVID-19 Society

Building a better post-pandemic world requires imagining the unthinkable. – Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Head of Exploration, UNDP Zimbabwe AccLab  

Statement – Aerial Survey Plane Crash

Zimbabwe Validates the Climate Change Gender Action Plan

Zimbabwe is developing a Gender Action Plan which calls for inclusiveness as well as gender sensitive and responsive policies focused on minimising the impacts of climate change  

The 2020 Renewable Energy Summit

Public and private sector stakeholers discussed the state of the energy sector in Zimbabwe during the 2020 Renewable Energy Summit  

Human Rights Commissions sign Joint Investigations Agreement

Three Human Rights Commissions have signed an important Joint Investigations Agreement which will improve complaints handling through joint investigations.  

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