Democratic Governance

  • Consolidation of Human Rights and Justice Delivery for Enhanced Voice and Participation

    The programme seeks to upscale justice delivery services that are accessible and inclusive to targeted vulnerable groups who experience discrimination and are marginalized and unable to seek their rights at national and subnational institutions in the justice sector. This will foster the citizens’ participation and voice in democratic processes through raising awareness and building legal literacy among the citizens, as well as supporting the Government in its efforts to meet the international and national human rights standards as well as alignment of human rights laws.

  • Deepening the Foundations for Peace, Dialogue & Social Cohesion

    This collaborative programme seeks to enhance national and community capacities for dispute resolution, while providing spaces for constructive dialogue and consensus building around shared values. The programme further seeks to foster tolerance and encourage inclusiveness and collaboration in the delivery of development dividends to the people.

  • Multi-Donor Support Programme for the Parliament and Office of the Auditor General of Zimbabwe

    The programme seeks to develop a Parliament that is enabled to perform its core functions for improved legislative, representative and oversight roles that promote public participation, accountability and gender equality in conformity with the Constitution of Zimbabwe as well as relevant national, regional and international parliamentary development frameworks.

  • Strengthened access to quality inclusive responsive human rights delivery in Zimbabwe

    The project seeks to expand the protection, scope and reach of human rights and deepen participation of citizens in accessing human rights services. This will be achieved through expansion of the protection and promotional mandate of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission through increased systematic case management processes, monitoring and inspection of places of detention, investigation of complaints and delivery of administrative justice to marginalised groups.

  • Strengthening Local Government Service Delivery Capacity for Sustainable and Inclusive Development

    This project seeks to address the challenges that are confronting the local government sector, such as the severe structural challenges which are undermining its ability to provide universally accessible basic services to the citizen. The project is a continuation of the Capacity Building of Local Government and Service Delivery project than ran between 2012 - 2015 implemented by the Ministry of Local Government, Public works and National Housing.

  • The programme has a longer-term vision of developing the institutional, organizational and electoral capacity of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). This vision is spread over a 5-year period 2016-2020 and is aligned with the ZUNDAF 2016-2020 and ZEC Strategic Plan 2016-2020, which is under formulation.

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