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Building a better post-COVID19 future for Zimbabwe’s informal traders

UNDP and its partners are building market infrastructure that promotes a safer shopping experience, curbs the spread of infectious diseases and ensures food systems continue to operate during a…  

Building local resilience – citizens and local authorities

The COVID19 pandemic has revealed the need to modernize by-laws, to help cities respond quicker to such shocks.  

COVID19 and the Food Supply Chain: Restoring markets in Mutare

CARE and UNDP Zimbabwe, partnering to support safe and fully functional food supply chains in Mutare.  

Urban Resilience Systems Analysis

The causes of urban challenges are complex: some are generated within the urban fabric of Zimbabwe, while other depend from national – or even international – circumstances, as well as being rooted in…  

Dried and Delicious: Earning an income from dried vegetables in Gokwe

Through training provided by UNDP, UNV and its partners, the community is now running a profitable fruit and vegetable drying enterprise.  

Strengthening Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management and Climate-Smart Landscapes in the Mid to Lower Zambezi Region of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe faces multiple challenges for sustainable development associated with biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and climate change consequences. The project seeks to reduce key threats…  

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