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Simulation: A Lens For Exploring Alternate Futures

As a part of the Istanbul Innovation Days 2021, Synthesis@ASU and UNDP will road-test complex-systems alternate reality simulation (ARS) in seven cities as an alternative way of stress-testing the…  

Diving deep with a 360 view

For the last four months, a team in UNDP Zimbabwe has been making sense of the urban food system in Zimbabwe and exploring a system transformative approach to tackling challenges within this system  

Tippy Tap - Promoting handwashing to curb the spread of COVID19

Meet Elton, co-founder of Tippy Tap - a foot operated handwashing station and 4th place winner in the 2020 Start-Up Tour Bus competition.  

NextGenCities program: Zimbabwe & Food Security

Zimbabwe is participating in the NextGenCities2020 program that seeks to build capabilities for designing mission-based strategic portfolios of interventions to tackle issues and dynamics that COVID…  

Junior Bakasa: a young entrepreneur leading the fight against COVID-19

Meet Junior Bakasa, owner and founder of OV Products a Zimbabwean detergent manufacturing company and winner of this years Start-Up Tour Bus competition  

Reimagining a post COVID-19 Society

Building a better post-pandemic world requires imagining the unthinkable. – Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Head of Exploration, UNDP Zimbabwe AccLab  

Loading: Data-driven analysis of informal market and food supply chains in Zimbabwe

The Accelerator Lab is studying the drivers behind informality in Zimbabwe and how these can be transformed into an economic environment that empowers informality to create jobs, boost resilience and…  

Two Zimbabweans feature in UNDP Africa’s special online magazine highlighting 50 young Africans innovating against COVID-19

Africa Innovates features 50, mainly young innovators who against all odds, and limited resources, are inventing diverse home-grown solutions which are proving essential in mitigating the effects of…  

Junior Bakasa wins the #YouthConnektZim COVID19 Prevention and Response competition

Four winners have been selected in the inaugural #YouthConnektZim COVID-19 Prevention and Response Virtual Start-Up Tour Bus competition!  

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