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Tippy Tap - Promoting handwashing to curb the spread of COVID19

Meet Elton, co-founder of Tippy Tap - a foot operated handwashing station and 4th place winner in the 2020 Start-Up Tour Bus competition.  

Junior Bakasa: a young entrepreneur leading the fight against COVID-19

Meet Junior Bakasa, owner and founder of OV Products a Zimbabwean detergent manufacturing company and winner of this years Start-Up Tour Bus competition  

UN Volunteers boosting community awareness on COVID-19

UNVs are raising awareness on COVID-19 in some of the country's largest informal markets  

Enhancing seed production and preparation for increased yields and resilience to droughts

ZRBF and the Ministry of Agriculture are promoting sustainable farming practices to increase both food security and communities’ ability to withstand natural disasters such as drought  

Investment in development reaps rewards during crisis

As Zimbabwe prepares for potential surge in COVID-19 cases, the investment in equipping 405 health institutions with solar power will play a critical role in response to the disease.  

Improving treatment for TB patients

Five early lessons from the alcohol and smoking behaviour interventions with TB care study.  

Busy Bees - The Chapanduka Honey Processing Association

“It is good for women to be involved in such projects as they will have an income source of their own, can be independent and not fully reliant on their husbands”. - Eunice  

Rebuilding stronger on renewed hope

Communities affected by Cyclone Idai are rebuilding stronger to lessen the impact of future disasters  

Dried and Delicious: Earning an income from dried vegetables in Gokwe

Through training provided by UNDP, UNV and its partners, the community is now running a profitable fruit and vegetable drying enterprise.  

Addressing Inequalities in Parliament - Senator Rejoice Timire

Senator Rejoice Timire is one of the elected officials, representing PWD in Zimbabwe’s 9th Parliament.  

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