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Improving Access to Water in Rural Communities #WorldWaterDay

Today, the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programmes (GEF SGP) in Zimbabwe joins everyone globally in celebrating the International Day of Forests under the theme - "Forest restoration: a…  

Protecting and Restoring Zimbabwe’s Forests

Over the past several years we have been working with communities and different institutions in the restoration and sustainable management of forests which are key in addressing issues related to…  

Diving deep with a 360 view

For the last four months, a team in UNDP Zimbabwe has been making sense of the urban food system in Zimbabwe and exploring a system transformative approach to tackling challenges within this system  

Savings lives or serving justice

Globally, justice systems have faced closures, postponement, or are operating with minimal staff due to the pandemic. How can we innovate the justice system in Zimbabwe?  

NextGenCities program: Zimbabwe & Food Security

Zimbabwe is participating in the NextGenCities2020 program that seeks to build capabilities for designing mission-based strategic portfolios of interventions to tackle issues and dynamics that COVID…  

New technology tool for service delivery benchmarking

Through its start-up called LADS Africa, HIT has developed a tool that will automate the collection and aggregation of Service Level Benchmarking data in local authorities across Zimbabwe in real…  

Hotspot mapping helps cities find the most vulnerable communities

A new research report that maps some of the most vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe’s capital city will help local authorities develop a more targeted approach to responding to future shocks.  

Building a better post-COVID19 future for Zimbabwe’s informal traders

UNDP and its partners are building market infrastructure that promotes a safer shopping experience, curbs the spread of infectious diseases and ensures food systems continue to operate during a…  

Loading: Data-driven analysis of informal market and food supply chains in Zimbabwe

The Accelerator Lab is studying the drivers behind informality in Zimbabwe and how these can be transformed into an economic environment that empowers informality to create jobs, boost resilience and…  

Building local resilience – citizens and local authorities

The COVID19 pandemic has revealed the need to modernize by-laws, to help cities respond quicker to such shocks.  

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