Democratic Governance

This programme will consolidate outstanding democratic governance reforms identified and embedded in the new Constitution. The reforms include: strengthening constitutionalism and the rule of law; promotion and protection of human rights; the national peace and reconciliation architecture; enhancing justice delivery; and reform of state organs and institutions to deliver services in a transparent, accountable manner. In addition, support is provided to strengthen the capacities of national institutions mandated to promote and protect human rights, such as the Human Rights, Gender, and National Peace and Reconciliation commission.

Our Goals

UNDP Zimbabwe's goal with the democratic governance programme is to strengthen and consolidate the national peace architecture, and facilitate support mechanisms for scaling citizen participation (rural and urban), especially that of women and youth, and to strengthen the capacities of oversight and accountability institutions to promote effective engagement.

Enhancing Citizens Participation and Voice

UNDP’s support is geared towards expanding the space for citizen participation in key democratic processes as defined in the Constitution. Two democratic processes provided this entry points for support – namely, the ongoing legislation alignment and electoral processes respectively.more

Our Stories

The Road to a New Constitution

Zimbabwe made history on 22 May 2013 when the President appended his signature to the new constitution. It is now the fundamental law of the country.more 

Women’s Economic Empowerment

The Market Fair aims to empower Zimbabwean women and youth by providing them with comprehensive business skills training and a vibrant platform to sell their products.more 

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