Our Projects

Democratic Governance

  • Capacity Building for Local Government and Service DeliveryCapacity Building for Local Government and Service DeliveryThis project recognizes the critical role that local government plays in deepening democracy and enhancing people participation in national affairs. It aims to build capacities in the local government sector for more efficient service delivery to the people.

  • Support to Peace Building and Increased Access to Sustainable LivelihoodsThe programme seeks to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for peace building and development in Zimbabwe.

  • Dialogue Financing Facility (DFF)Dialogue Financing Facility (DFF)UNDP Zimbabwe recognizes the facilitation of dialogue as one of the three main priority areas in its Programme and Action Plan, as well as in the ZUNDAF.

Poverty Reduction

Environment and Energy

  • Coping with Drought and Climate ChangeCoping with Drought and Climate ChangeThe project seeks to develop food security and sustainable management of natural resources and the environment through among others, enhanced use of traditional and early warning systems, and integrating preparedness and mitigation mechanisms across sectors, policies and programmes.

  • Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEFSGP)Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEFSGP)GEFSGP was established in 1993 after the Earth summit in Rio de Janeiro to provide financial and technical support to community-based projects that conserve the environment and enhance people’s livelihoods.

HIV, Health and Development

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Resident Coordinator Annual Report



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