Towards universal access: in HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support in Zimbabwe

What is the project about

Health Care Workers doing routine house visits in the communityHealth Care Workers doing routine house visits to families in their community

The project seeks  to reduce the number of new HIV infections among adults and children and reduce mortality and morbidity due to HIV/AIDS infections in Zimbabwe.

UNDAF Outcome(s): Outcome 6.1: Improved access to (and uptake of) HIV prevention services.

UNDAF Outcome(s):  Outcome 6.2: Improved access to (and uptake of) HIV treatment, care and support services.

Expected CP Outcome(s): Scale up access to and utilization of antiretroviral (ART) services for children, male and females young children and adults.

Expected Output(s): Improved treatment, retention and drug adherence among adults, adolescents and children on ART.

Who Finances it?

Major source of funds: The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)

Budget: Phase 1: USD 84,641,215;  Phase 2: USD 194,473,406; & New Founding Model USD 311 million


Phase 1: USD 71,276,320.00 i.e. 84%;

Phase 2: USD 122,076,284 i.e. 63% (as of June 2013) of the grant amounts for the phases