Democratic Governance

  • Enhancing Justice Delivery and Human Rights for All

    This Project recognizes that the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) is critical to building and strengthening the human rights architecture, deepening democracy and enhancing people participation in governance affairs.

  • Strengthening the National Gender Machinery

    UNDP is supporting the strengthening of the national gender machinery so that it plays an effective coordination role in gender mainstreaming. This is within the ZUNDAF Gender Outcome 7 on strengthening policies and legislation for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.

  • Capacity Building for Local Government and Service Delivery

    This project recognizes the critical role that local government plays in deepening democracy and enhancing people participation in national affairs. It aims to build capacities in the local government sector for more efficient service delivery to the people.

  • Support to Peace Building and Increased Access to Sustainable Livelihoods

    The programme seeks to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for peace building and development in Zimbabwe.

  • Dialogue Financing Facility (DFF)

    UNDP Zimbabwe recognizes the facilitation of dialogue as one of the three main priority areas in its Programme and Action Plan, as well as in the ZUNDAF.

  • Strengthening the Role of CSOs in Human Rights Reporting, Monitoring and Advocacy

    This project recognizes that CSOs are critical to the building and strengthening of the human rights architecture in Zimbabwe; deepening democracy and enhancing citizen participation in governance affairs. Through this project, CSOs will provide technical and capacity expertise necessary for the promotion protection and fulfilment of human rights in Zimbabwe.

  • Capacity Building Support to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC)

    The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) is established as an independent Commission under the Constitution. Its enabling legislation was finalised on the 12th of October 2012 and outlines the mandate and operational modalities of the ZHRC. The overarching objective of this project is support processes aimed at institutional strengthening of the ZHRC.


For UNDP, support to Governance and Human Rights remains a critical pillar for the enhancement of good democratic governance, upholding the rule of law, promotion and protection of human rights and equal access to justice for all in Zimbabwe. This is aimed at creating an enabling environment for Zimbabwe to attain its Millennium Development Goals' (MDGs) targets as well as align itself with the regional and international human rights treaties that the country is a signatory.

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