Zimbabwe Poverty Income Consumption and Expenditure Survey 2011/12

17 Apr 2013


This report "Poverty Income, Consumption and Expenditure Survey 2011/12 Report" is based on the data derived from the PICES 2011/12 survey results. These surveys are carried out every 5 years.

The main objective of the PICES 2011/12 survey is to provide baseline data on income, consumption and expenditure patterns.

This report covers information on demographic characteristics, household incomes and consumption expenditures, distribution of income at household level, agricultural production and other characteristics, and the informal sector.


  • 55% of the households have sizes of 5 persons or less
  • 68.2% of households live in rural areas
  • 65 percent of the households are headed by males
  • 77.3% of the households have access to safe water for drinking and cooking

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