Mapping of Selected Hazards Affecting Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe

09 Jun 2016


As a first step toward designing resilience programming for Zimbabwe a joint analysis was conducted to establish the multi-sectoral factors affecting resilience of at-risk communities, including characterizing and mapping of key hazards.

The mapping of hazards was undertaken as a way of forming a knowledge base for building resilience among rural communities. A thorough understanding of these shocks will assist in the design of appropriate context specific resilience-building strategies.

The aim of the Mapping of Hazards is to deepen and broaden an understanding of shocks in Zimbabwe and how they impact upon the resilience of affected populations.

The work on mapping hazards is intended to:

  • elaborate on the existing national hazard profile,
  • estimate the number of people at risk to different shocks, and
  • identify areas experiencing frequent and multiple risks.

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