Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Zimbabwe

09 Mar 2015


The key to any successful health system is the supply of medicines, availability of essential commodities and equipment to enable testing, treatment, care and support.

This case study was commissioned to catalogue the improvements in the Procurement and Supply Chain and to document how the partnership between
the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC), UNDP, the Global Fund and key partners have worked to support this.


  • In Zimbabwe, national entities are leading in all steps of the procurement process, together with the Global Fund, UNDP and other partners, increasing national capacity and skills.
  • Improved warehouses, transportation and storage facilities at the national level and at the level of distribution to patients have enabled drugs to get to patients when they are needed, and ensured less waste.
  • Strengthening the national laboratories capacity with improved facilities and processes has led to better quality testing, enabling faster, more effective treatment.
  • The formation of a Task Force of key stakeholders and partners to implement a Quality Assurance Plan for HIV, TB and Malaria has ensured safe high quality products for all patients.

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