Assessment of Development Results 2012-2015

01 Mar 2016


This evaluation examined UNDP's contributions to national development goals, its relevance and strategic position within the country during the period between 2007 and 2011. It provides a set of forward-looking recommendations, with a view to supporting the country office and its partners in the continuous efforts to improve the country programme by learning from the achievements and challenges.


  • The UNDP country programme is well-harmonized with the development planning of the Government of Zimbabwe and its development strategies
  • One of UNDP’s signature achievements in Zimbabwe during this period has been its support to the Constitution-building process, and facilitation of COPAC
  • UNDP is well-positioned to establish and manage the planned Resilience Building Fund, which can help improve the absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities of at-risk communities in Zimbabwe
  • UNDP has made useful contributions to peacebuilding and conflict resolution, helping to increase individual community and government capacities for peacebuilding, and to counter various drivers of conflict in Zimbabwe
  • Much of the capacity development carried out by UNDP during the study period appears incidental to other governancerelated support, and not planned and implemented strategically, across multiple ministries, agencies and commissions, as a foundation for long-term development effectiveness
  • UNDP support to land management, and strengthening the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement, is highly relevant to the country’s economic and social development, although achievements to date have been modest

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