2016 Human Development Report - Human Development for Everyone

11 May 2017


In past decades, there has been significant gains in human development levels in almost every country; but millions of people have not benefited from this progress. Who has been left behind and why? The Human Development Report 2016 ’Human Development for Everyone’ looks into these two questions. It identifies recognizes that in every society certain groups are far more likely to suffer disadvantages than others and identifies deep-rooted, and often unmeasured, barriers to development.

The report also looks to what societies should do to advance human development for everyone. It sets forward policy recommendations at the national level and also looks at ways in which the global development landscape could be made more effective in the fight to leave no one behind and achieve the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • Despite remarkable progress, 1 in 3 people still live in low humandevelopment
  • Over 300 million live in relative poverty in developed countries
  • Disadvantages compound each other, making it harder for disadvantaged people to get ahead

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