2012 Resident Coordinator Annual Report

03 Jan 2013


Given the current political and economic contexts, the UNCT focussed its efforts on underlying issues which enable, catalyse and provide the building-blocks for potential political solutions which translate into economic and social development and help the Government deal with the multifaceted challenges toward full recovery.


  • The 2012 MDG Progress Report was completed, providing strong foundations for the elaboration of evidence based strategies in the accelerated achievement of the MDGs
  • As per the 2012 ZUNDAF Annual Review (first year of 2012-2015 implementation), 61% of ZUNDAF indicators are on track, 22% are constrained, and 17% are met.
  • The UN enhanced its role as a preferred channel of ODA, with about USD 336 million delivered in 2012, as compared to about USD 300 million in 2011.
  • Progress was also recorded in the implementation of reform initiatives in streamlining business practices, with steps taken to increase the cost effectiveness and quality of ICT.